Mario Russo Store

my name is Mario Russo and I am the one who created this beautiful shop.
I have been the son of merchants for four generations, since it was my great grandmother who started the tradition in 1890 that led me to live the passion of fashion as a child. Yes, I really speak of passion because after graduating in Political Science in 1998 (at the age of 28 as I was studying and working at the same time), I found myself at a crossroads: continue the family business or go to occupy a beautiful position at the United Nations and precisely to FAO.

My heart and instinct led me to continue what I had grown up with and of which I am able to do well: trade with love for the world of fashion.

Certainly I have a lot of experience, I know the production fabric quite well and I was able (and still am) to organize the production of a clothing line in no time, I keep in touch with numerous Italian companies and small artisans, with whom the comparison , based on giving and receiving, has allowed me to make improvements to my knowledge and to others.

I have a shop in the company that deals with clothing since it was founded by my great-grandmother called "Scalia Musmarra" and is located in the heart of Acireale, precisely in Piazza Duomo opposite the Cathedral: its characteristic is to be a point of reference for families for several generations.
Of course, the trade has changed in recent years and hence the transformation from a generalist shop to a shop specializing in men's, women's clothing (comfortable sizes), underwear and newborns.
From this evolution a "Scalia Musmarra, My house" department was born, dedicated only to home textiles (sheets, towels, duvets, table linens, etc ...)

It was in 2015 that the "Mario Russo Store" project was born, a shop created in the central Corso Umberto in Acireale. A shop that immediately focused on the quality of the offer, on the highly qualified staff and on the creation of a new way of seeing the "CLOTHING STORE".

A new figure has been created: "The Style Consultant"; I'm tired of salespeople at all costs they have to sell: my Style Consultants are qualified collaborators and ready to direct the customer only to the right choice. It was my preference, my vision that, contrary to generalized schemes, wants to rise from the chorus.
From the beginning of this year (2020) I decided to create the "Small lunch shopping" or "Small aperitif shopping" which, at particular times and behind closed doors, offers an exclusive and personalized consulting and shopping service as well as a snack / aperitif to meet the needs of professionals and managers.

Certainly and almost without realizing it, we have become, thanks to the support of important brands such as Elisabetta Franchi, Patrizia Pepe, Pinko, Mischalis and recently also to Musani, a point of reference for the Women's Ceremony, using all the precautions (from tailoring changes to exclusivity of the garment) that a good shop like ours can have.
The last company that entered was Liu Jo last fall (2019). It was a confirmation to my knowledge: exceptional jeans fit that combined with t-shirts, sweaters and jackets has expanded the offer and completed the magic circle of the commercial proposal of my shop.

I don't want to talk about volunteering and humanitarian actions as I prefer to keep them for myself but believe me, if I am lucky enough to have a broad view of the world, I have a broad vision of how to help those who find themselves in difficulty.

Still on me I can tell you that I am President of Confcommercio Acireale and member of the Provincial Council with special delegation for the sections of the Ionian belt in the province of Catania. A role that I play for free and with a spirit of service to fellow traders and the category, which leads me to sacrifice a lot of time but which, at the same time, enriches my spirit.

The last project I want to talk to you about now is the Mirto Cultural Association which was born last summer.
The Association allowed me to give the opportunity to many artists to make their works known for free through book presentations but also through photographic itineraries and paintings exhibitions, thanks also to a very good cultural director who is Gabriella Puleo, but also thanks (and with) the friend Salvo La Rosa (former bank manager and Jazz expert) current artistic director of the Mirto Association, cheer up the summer evenings in the magnificent garden of the "Mario Russo Store".

Someone asks me where I find the time, but the luck of every man is dictated by the people he manages to attract around and today I think I am an excellent magnet. Magnet that has also been attracted by the desire to grow and that has recently joined with a group of important entrepreneurs who have the desire to do things well and who periodically meet and compare themselves with important national professionals.

In conclusion, today we speak of "Mario Russo Store" for all that has been built; it is since 2015 that I started a personal journey linked however to my family history (started in 1890 ...), linked to my professionalism (those who preceded me left a good name), linked to the study and research skills that, also thanks to my wife (whom the good God has supported me in this life), I carry on every day to be able to say with pride: "We are working for you".

Punto vendita

Acireale (CT), Corso Umberto, 82

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